Training Programme

To find out more about our modules offered* and to view our brochures on each module, please click on the links below.

  1. Legal Research, Analysis & Strategy

  2. Objective Legal Drafting (Research Memorandums & Legal Opinions)

  3. Persuasive Legal Drafting (Pleadings, Affidavits, Written Submissions & Criminal Reps)

  4. First Instance Oral Advocacy & Court Craft

  5. Appellate Oral Advocacy & Court Craft

  6. Negotiation

  7. Mediation Advocacy

  8. Client Care & Legal Ethics

  9. Time Management for Lawyers

  10. Self-Care for Lawyers (Developing Healthy Habits for Professional Longevity)

*This is a general list of modules offered by Lacuna Training Solutions. The modules in your law firm's actual Training Programme will depend on the recommendations arising from your firm's Training Needs Assessment (if any) and/or the modules you select. 

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