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Training Experience

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Khadijah has been actively involved in training for more than 10 years. Other than her full-time position as Principal Legal Skills Trainer for Lacuna Training Solutions, Khadijah is an Adjunct Assistant Professor and Deputy Director of the Legal Skills Programme at the NUS Faculty of Law, where she teaches the Legal Analysis, Research and Communication (LARC) and Trial Advocacy Modules. 


Khadijah also serves as an Advocacy Trainer for The Law Society, and as a Mediation Advocacy and Negotiation Tutor for the Singapore Institute of Legal Education (SILE) Part B Course.

Khadijah has been a Mediation Trainer for the SMC since 2009, conducting mediation training both locally and abroad. She was formally appointed to the SMC’s Adjunct Training Faculty, Panel of Senior Associate Trainers, in 2014.

During her time with the FJC, Khadijah conducted in-house mediation training for the mediation staff and volunteer mediators. She was also responsible for developing the curriculum and materials for the local component of the 2016 Family Mediation Accreditation Workshop, jointly organised by the SMC and the FJC. 

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