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"This is a well-run course, and was of tremendous benefit to all the lawyers in the firm who attended. Highly recommended!"

– Mohd Baiross, Partner

"Ms J is a fantastic trainer and mentor, and provided an abundance of guidance that would enhance the practice of any junior practitioner. Without a doubt, her workshops helped to strengthen the foundation of my practice, and I am sure that many of her pointers will stay with me for years to come."

– Ruth Ng, Senior Associate

"Ms J’s course provides practical knowledge and tools critical to young lawyers. Her experience as a practitioner and a former judge certainly gives her the edge. I can safely say I learnt more from her course than from Part B. However, her classes go beyond that. Her deep passion for the legal profession and the well-being of her students shines through the course. Providing us with mentorship, guidance, and a listening ear that is sorely lacking within the legal profession."

– Kannan Nadarajan, Associate

"Ms J was very approachable, and she gave very good practical tips and advice. Her pedagogy was refreshing and different from the usual methods that were taught in school, and it was clearly aimed at helping young lawyers tackle issues from their point of view. I learnt a lot from the sessions and I highly recommend it."

– Elias Arun, Associate

"Ms J is a great teacher who is passionate about her craft, and knows how to make each lesson engaging and relevant. We appreciated having the practical training in the modules we attended."

– Andrea Lim, Associate

"The fact that Lacuna Training Solutions' Trainer, Ms J, was a former practitioner and Judge meant that the courses designed were incredibly practical and useful to me as a litigation lawyer. The courses were not only well-planned, but were packed with useful tips that served to advance a lawyer's court craft. I found the courses extremely helpful and informative, and I have personally attained desirable results for my clients owing to the skills I acquired from Ms J's courses."

 – Ashwin Ganapathy, Associate

"A refresher course for the experienced lawyers, and a quintessential one for the budding lawyers out there. Lacuna Training Solutions’ modules have been thoughtfully crafted and structured, to ensure participants get the most learning out of their time. Every module has meaningful takeaways that I can directly apply to practice. The Trainer is also highly accomplished in the legal profession, and is able to draw upon her wealth of experience from private practice and the judiciary to impart relevant skills and share valuable insights. Highly recommended."

– Shahirah Nassir, Associate

"Ms J’s workshops had a great balance between legal theory and the realities of legal practice. She has a real passion for teaching, and I picked up so much from her training sessions. I have no doubt that many lawyers, new or not-so-new, would benefit from a training program with Ms J."

– Lee Shen Han, Associate

"Upon entering practice, young lawyers are immediately presented with an immensely steep learning curve. Lacuna Training Solutions helped by making the process faster and more bearable. Two things that I particularly liked about the course: (i) the training was incredibly relevant to modern practice; and (ii) there was sufficient time between each module to digest and implement the lessons into my practice. I have benefitted tremendously from Lacuna’s training programme and would highly recommend it."

– Mato Kotwani, Associate

"The Training Programme is extremely helpful for young lawyers. The instructor has tips and tricks that we, as young lawyers, will find very useful in the course of our practice. I still refer to the training materials in the course of my work today."

– Nur Amalina Binte Saparin, Associate

"Ms J is confident, clear, and cheerful, and these are the qualities of a great teacher / trainer. The Lacuna Training Programme is a very useful programme for young lawyers who are looking for some guidance to perform better, and to cope with the pressures of legal practice." 

– Mumtaj Banu, Associate


"As its name suggests, the Lacuna Training Programme is indeed filling a training gap in helping young lawyers to develop the right approaches and skills for legal practice."

– Mohammad Shafiq Bin Haja Maideen, Associate


"Ms J is awesome. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with young lawyers."

– Toh Hong Xiu, Associate


"Jah was my very first mentor when I entered legal practice as a trainee in 2011. She took it upon herself to teach someone completely green the basics of litigation, from how a suit commences, to the interlocutory application process, to how to draft pleadings and affidavits. She didn’t have to; she could have let me flounder. But she loved teaching and truly cared for those under her mentorship. She was always clear, concise and willing to address my questions. I learnt so much from Jah that made me a better lawyer than I would have been, and my only regret is that the judiciary called her away too soon."

– Benjamin Smith, Senior Associate

"It’s been a real privilege to have been taught by such an inspiring tutor. Her passion for both life and work is evident in her determination to ensure her students get the best possible experience in her class. She always finds creative ways to teach and makes complicated concepts much clearer with her structured guidance.​"

– Rebekah Broughton, Associate, former NUS student AY2011/2012

"Ms J would always go the extra mile in her preparation for class, including preparing visual aids, incorporating games and role-plays – all in an effort to make classes more interesting and engaging. More importantly, all these helped make the lessons stick. She also ensured that there would be one-on-one time with each student, where she provided detailed and customised feedback based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. She is truly committed to the success and achievements of her students."

– Eric Hu, Legal Service Officer, former NUS student AY2012/2013

"Ms J always had a way of connecting with each and every one of her students and bringing them together. Her lessons were always a source of joy and inspiration for me. Every lesson was well-structured, thought-provoking and packed with lively energy. I have no doubt that any budding lawyer who comes under the guidance of Ms J would soar to great legal heights. Her students’ sincere and frequent praises of her when they are amongst themselves are, I believe, the best testimony of her teaching abilities."

– Low Shi Hou, Prosecuting Officer, Ministry of Manpower, former NUS student AY2012/2013

"Ms J was a great teacher who really helped me work on my persuasive writing skills. I remember most clearly her lesson to always make our inferences and links from one point to the next coherent and explicit. It sounds simple, but that one lesson has stuck with me throughout law school and beyond, and is something I constantly rely on in my legal writing."

– Christina Liew, Associate, former NUS student AY2012/2013


"I've been fortunate to have had Ms J's guidance at every step of my journey towards a legal career. What sets her apart is her ability to identify and act on every strength and weakness of her students. Coupled with her rich former experiences and profound dedication towards mentorship, every student is promised an optimal and unique educational experience. I have learnt so much from Ms J and am thrilled that many more will soon be experiencing the same!"

– Alastair Simon Chetty, Research Assistant, former NUS student AY2013/2014

"My mooting and drafting skills were greatly sharpened under Ms J’s guidance. Her lessons were well-structured, concise and to the point. I benefitted immensely from her highly personalised feedback and pointers, to accentuate my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Ms J is an extremely inspiring mentor and I believe young litigators will undoubtedly benefit from her coaching."  

– Giselle Ma, Associate, former NUS student AY2013/2014

"Ms J is an incredibly patient tutor who knew each of our strengths and weaknesses. I still hold dear the skills I picked up from her lessons on legal reasoning and argumentation. These skills have helped me in my journey through law school, and I am sure that they will continue to guide me through practice in the future."

– Ervin Roe, Associate, former NUS student AY2013/2014

"Ms J was a tutor that made me look forward to her classes, even though they were held at night. She made the abstract (and potentially dry) topic of Legal Writing understandable, engaging and memorable. Having her as a tutor made me the envy of other students.​"

– Soh Gill, Associate, former NUS student AY2013/2014


"Ms J is one of the most dedicated teachers I have known. Her classes are thoughtfully designed, engaging and practical. I attribute much of my confidence in advocacy to the groundwork she had laid for me in my junior year."

– Yeow Yuet Cheong, former NUS student AY2014/2015

"Ms J’s dedicated teaching style and constant feedback were extremely effective in helping the class to develop their legal research skills, drafting techniques and oral advocacy. She was also able to bring her experience as a former litigator and as a District Judge to the class, to give us a rare insight into what practice is really like, and what Judges truly look out for in terms of both written and oral submissions."

– Chong Shi Cheng, former NUS student AY2014/2015


"Ms J was an excellent tutor who spent much time and effort preparing tailored class materials aimed at assisting our learning and bolstering our understanding. With her experience in legal practice, Ms J gave us useful feedback and advice during our lessons. She was extremely patient and clear in her teaching, and I am thankful to have been able to gain valuable legal drafting and oral advocacy skills during the course, under her guidance."

– Chiang Hui Xin, former NUS student AY2014/2015

"I enjoyed the programme, and I learnt a lot. The trainer is excellent in conducting the session, and exceeded my expectations when answering my questions. I especially love the fact that she was more than willing to stay on past the workshop to answer our queries, and give us some life wisdom too! Thank you! :)"

– Sarah Lewis, SMU Peer Helpers Programme, Mediation Skills Workshop Participant


"Ms J is a really great trainer! Her passion for mediation was evident throughout the workshops, and it led to me having a greater interest in it. I learnt that mediation skills are highly useful, and even relevant to our everyday lives."

– Christine Chew, SMU Peer Helpers Programme, Mediation Skills Workshop Participant

"Ms J is very passionate about mediation, and she was able to engage with the class on the topic. Her personal stories about mediation made it a lot more interesting for the class, and motivated us to learn more about it."

– Eugene Choy, SMU Peer Helpers Programme, Mediation Skills Workshop Participant

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