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Legal-Related Publications

  • Author of the first comprehensive legal skills textbook written from the Singapore perspective, Legal Skills: A Complete Guide (Sweet & Maxwell, 2019), available for general purchase here. Should you wish to purchase an autographed copy, please complete the following order form.

  • 'Saving the Profession, One Young Lawyer at a Time', Lacuna Training Solutions Commentary (February 2019), available for download here

  • 'Will the Law of State Responsibility and the International Justice System Fail the Rohingya?' (April 2018), available for download here

  • 'Understanding Law in an Era of Globalisation & Legal Pluralism: Does the World Need More Law?' (April 2018), available for download here.

  • 'The Impact of BRICS on International Law and the World Order: Illusion, Reality or Mere Distraction?' (November 2017), available for download here.

  • 'From Augustine to Trump: Has Self-Defence and Proportionality in Just War Theory Evolved Beyond All Recognition?' (November 2017), available for download here.


  • Contributor to Letters of the Law (entry published on 2 October 2017), available online here.

  • Co-author of the Chapter, ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Family Justice Courts’, in Law and Practice of Family Law in Singapore (Sweet & Maxwell, 2016) at Chapter 17, book available for purchase here

  • Contributor to Singapore Civil Procedure (Sweet & Maxwell, 2015).

  • ‘Managing Emotional Conflicts with Reframes’, article published in the Asian Journal on Mediation (November 2012), available for download here.


  • 'Do You Hear Me Clearly From Over There? (Communicating on Different Planes in Cross-Culture Mediations)’, paper presented at the Asian Mediation Association Conference (June 2009), available for download here.

Other Publications

  • 'In Your Shade', poem published in TMR Magazine (January 2018)

  • 'My Guide', poem published in TMR Magazine (January 2018)

  • ‘Rezk & Barakah As I Understand It’, article published in TMR Magazine (April 2014)

  • ‘Confessions of a Second Generation Muslim’, article published in TMR Magazine (January 2014)

  • ‘Discovering the Meaning of Tawakkal II’, article published in TMR Magazine (April 2013)


  • The Truth about Peer Pressure’, article published in Teens’ Crossroads (TC) Magazine (December 2012)


  • ‘Discovering the Meaning of Tawakkal’, article published in The Muslim Reader (TMR) Magazine (December 2012)


  • Kerjaya Peguam Buka Peluang Berbakti’, interview published in Berita Harian Newspaper (October 2014)

  • 'A Journey into Law’, interview published in Al-Mizan Magazine (October 2014), available for download here

  • ‘The Judiciary: Both Sides of the Bench’, interview published in Ab Initio: A Law School Companion, 7th Ed (NUS Faculty of Law, 2014), available for download here


  • ‘Interview with Singapore Muslim Youth Debates Coach & Chief Adjudicator, Sim Khadijah’, interview published in TC Magazine (March 2014), available for download here


  • ‘5 Important Points for Debaters to Remember’, interview published in TC Magazine (March 2014), available for download here

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