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Q1:   What is a Training Needs Assessment and what does it entail?

A Training Needs Assessment is a systematic process for determining and addressing a law firm's / lawyer's training needs.

Our Training Needs Assessment typically entails our Consultant speaking with management to understand the training needs and aspirations of the law firm, as well as analysing the responses to a detailed questionnaire by the participating lawyers of the firm. Depending on the number of participating lawyers, our Consultant may hold focus group discussions on the preliminary findings of the Training Needs Assessment, so as to clarify and confirm such findings. 

Once the Training Needs Assessment is complete, our Consultant will prepare a Training Needs Assessment Report containing a summary of the findings and recommendations arising therefrom. The recommendations will also include a proposed Training Programme for the participating lawyers. 

Q2:   How are the modules in your Training Programme determined?


The modules offered in our Training Programme are determined by the findings and recommendations in our Training Needs Assessment Report. If no Training Needs Assessment is conducted, the modules offered will be based on the training needs identified by management of the law firm. 

If the range of seniority / level of experience amongst the participating lawyers is very wide, our Consultant may recommend different Training Programmes for the different groups of lawyers, so as to maximise the utility of the Training Programmes for each group. 

Q3:   Who should attend the Training Programme?

While our primary target audience are the young lawyers in a law firm (i.e. lawyers with less than 5 years PQE), there is no limit to who may attend the Training Programme. As mentioned in Q2 above, the modules in our Training Programme may be customised to suit the level of seniority / experience of your lawyers. 

So, whether your participating lawyers are fresh graduates, middle-tier lawyers who wish to expand their knowledge or senior lawyers who just need a refresher, we are happy to customise and develop a Training Programme that is suited to their needs. 

Q4:   Do you offer training to lawyers individually?

While our primary target contracting party are the law firms themselves, we are happy to customise our Training Programme to suit your needs. However, you may wish to attend our Training Programme in groups in order to achieve more value-for-money.

Please feel free to drop us an email with your queries on our services provided and/or your customisation needs. 

Q5:   Do you offer training to non-lawyers?

As mentioned in Q4 above, we are happy to customise our Training Programme to your organisation's needs.


While our Trainer's experience is primarily in the legal sector, should you consider any of our modules offered to be applicable to your area of work (for e.g. Alternative Dispute Resolution, Time Management or Client Care), we are happy to work with you to develop a suitable Training Programme for your personnel. 

Q6:   Is your Training Programme a CPD accredited activity? 

Where you contract to have our Trainer conduct a Training Programme in-house at your law firm, your participating lawyers attending the Training Programme may claim Private CPD points, subject to the SILE's requirements being fulfilled.

Where lawyers attend our SILE accredited CPD events, they may claim Public CPD Points, provided that they strictly comply with the SILE's CPD Attendance Policy. 

For more information on the requirements for CPD points, please visit the SILE CPD website at and/or contact the SILE directly. 

Q7:   What is a Coaching Session and what does it entail?

A Coaching Session is a one-on-one session between our Trainer and each of your participating lawyers. During these Coaching Sessions, our Trainer will provide each participating lawyer with feedback on their performance in the Training Programme, as well as answer any queries they may have on the topics covered. 

A Coaching Session typically lasts for about 1/2 an hour, and participating lawyers are free to raise any issues or concerns with the Trainer, and to draw on the Trainer's experience(s) as a former litigation lawyer, judicial officer, mediator and/or legal skills instructor. 


Q8:   How many Coaching Sessions must a participating lawyer attend? 

This would depend on the needs of each law firm and/or its lawyers. At the very least, each participating lawyer should attend 1 Coaching Session with our Trainer, though additional Coaching Sessions may be arranged.

However, as our Trainer's fees for Coaching Sessions are charged per session, the total number of Coaching Sessions should be determined with the approval of management of the law firm. 

Q9:   Do you provide the training venue and/or refreshments?

For your convenience and to keep costs low, our Training Programme and Coaching Sessions are provided on-site at your law firm. If there is no suitable venue at your law firm, you will be required to secure a suitable training room for the Training Programme and Coaching Sessions to be conducted, at your own cost. 

Should you wish to have refreshments for your lawyers and our Trainer during the Training Programme and Coaching Sessions, these will also have to be arranged at your end, at your own cost.

Q10:   How are your fees calculated?

Our fees are calculated based on our Trainer's applicable rates for each service provided.

A flat rate is charged for our Training Needs Assessment, while our Trainer's fees for the Training Programme and Coaching Sessions are charged per module and per session respectively. 

There are also disbursements to be paid for the training materials and the travel expenses of our Trainer. 

Please feel free to drop us an email with your queries on our applicable rates and/or to obtain a quotation.

Q11:   When is payment required and what modes of payment do you accept?

We will issue your firm with invoices from time to time for work done and disbursements incurred by our Consultant / Trainer. We may also require a deposit to be paid at the start of our engagement.

Unless otherwise specified in our invoice, payment is typically due 7 days from the date of our invoice.  

We accept payment by cheque or bank transfer. The details will be provided in your invoice. 

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